The International Youth Conditioning Association Presents

The Truth About Training Youth Speed and Agility:

“Who Else Wants to Bypass Years of Trial and Error and Discover What REALLY Makes Your Athletes Quicker and Faster…So You Can Stop Doing What Doesn’t”

If there is one quality all athletes desire and all parents are willing to pay for you to develop, it is Speed!

With limited time to work with your athletes and expectations through the roof, you need to know you’re getting the best ‘bang for your buck’ with each and every skill and drill you teach.

How many times have you wondered if there’s a better way to teach the skills of speed and agility? Or watched a kid perform a movement and said to yourself,

“Something isn’t right. But I’m not exactly sure what. Or how to fix it.”

…and then gave the athlete feedback you knew was, well, BS…

If you want to know how to develop killer speed and agility in your athletes, identify technical flaws and know exactly how to fix them and establish yourself as THE speed guru in your area, then you’ll want to watch this information packed (48 minute) video be there Live when IYCA Speed Expert Latif Thomas spill the beans on exactly how you can make immediate and lasting improvements to the way you teach speed.

In this career changing video, Latif Thomas will reveal:

  • A reason why teaching ‘speed drills’ won’t make your athletes faster
  • Exactly why ‘who you listen to’ directly impacts your results
  • Specific strategies for getting optimal results with different age groups (6-18)
  • The Truth about Acceleration vs Deceleration vs Change of Direction (Agility) techniques
  • Discover a skill all of your training must revolve around….or your athletes will not see consistent improvement
  • Why Periodization is Dead….and how the most effective coaches structure their skill
  • How to create the perfect speed program for every athlete you work with….every time
  • And much, much more!